Lego 75159 – The first impressions of the new Death Star

The new Star Wars set and probably the most desired in this next wave (especially for those who don’t have the previous model) , the Death star, has been revealed in a Lego Store (quite bizarre I would say!!) showing a pretty nice image of the update of this iconic space mobile battle station.

Compared with the 2008 model (10188), the main change is probably the mini-figures, twenty five in total, where some of them seem to be new. The most enthusiastic fans will surely find plenty of new details but overall, comparing the two, there aren’t many global changes as some rumors might

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Lego Minecraft – A couple of new Skin Packs in September

The official images of two new Minecraft Skin packs has been surfing in the internet, showing all the details and colors from two additions that were already known for a few months. Personally I’ll pass them but I’m sure that the Minecraft fans will find them quite useful when joined to bigger sets.

The two skin packs (853609 and 853610) have similar size, with around twenty five pieces, and both brings four figures with some additional accessories. The sets should be available on retail next month with a price around the fifteen

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Lego Architecture – Finally Some Official Pictures

Official pictures of a couple of Lego Architecture (which were already known since last Nuremberg Toy Fair) sets have been revealed show some good perspective of two of the new sets that will make part of the next wave.

The sets are the Buckingham Palace (21029) that will feature almost eight hundred pieces with a price around the eighty dollars ( I especially enjoy the central square and the little red bus) and the Capitol Building (21030), that shows a bit more than a thousand pieces that should cost around hundred

Both should be shortly available on retail. Enjoy the pictures!

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Lego 21307 – The first pic of the new Caterham Seven 620R

An image with the new Lego Ideas set, the Caterham Seven 620R has been surfing on several sites giving a real cool perspective about this awesome car. As you probably remember, this set, was one of the project that passed to production phase a few month ago.

The Caterham will feature an awesome yellow and black color combination as well as a bunch of great details that I’m sure that will be clearer when we see the official images. For now there’s no word about price or availability but rumors mention something around the eighty

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Lego Ideas – Gingerbread House

What a great House this is! Despite being a 10.000 votes project, there’s no warranty that it will ever be a production set, however it is definitely a huge Christmas creation with plenty of beauty and awesome details.

According to his designer, the Gingerbread House has around one thousand and five hundred pieces and show an incredible building with chocolate walls and a sloping roof filled with plenty of snow and lots of gums and colored mints.Lego-Ideas-Gingerbread-House

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