Lego 60153 – Fun in the Beach

Fun in the Beach is a new city set that has recently been unveiled and will be available on stores next summer. It is, like the set box mentions, a people pack, with lots of mini-figures (fourteen to be exactly) and an endless number of features and accessories to play with, being a truly addition to the Fun in the Park set (60134).

The set of mini-figures include four children, an ice cream seller, a life guard, a Garbage Man, two beach volley players, a metal explorer, a diver, a grandma, a kayak paddler, a wind surfer and a tourist that is enjoying the time, there aren’t any Continue reading

Series 17 of Collectable Mini-Figures Unveiled  

Among the bunch of this week end’s news, the new Series 17 of Collectable mini-figures has been unveiled showing sixteen new Characters that will be available later this year.  And there are definitely a few guys that are already on my wish list.

The list is composed by: Surfer Boy, Gourmet Chef, Hot Dog Vendor, Elf Maiden, Circus Strongman, Yuppie, Veterinarian, Highwayman (presumably the shadow on the right), Connoisseur, Butterfly Girl, Roman Gladiator, Corn Cob Guy, Retro Space Hero, Dance Instructor, Battle Dwarf and finally the Rocket Boy.series-17-collectable-mini-figures

With a blue package this time, the new series should Continue reading

Silent Mary (71042) was revealed

The Silent Mary has finally been officially reveled. This huge Pirates of the Caribbean’s set has two thousand and two hundred pieces and should retail next March 17th for VIP Members and April on general retail with a price around the two hundred dollars

The set features besides the pirates’ ship, eight mini-figures (Captain Jack Sparrow, Henry, Carina, Lieutenant Lesaro, Captain Salazar, Officer Magda, Officer Santos and The Silent Mary Masthead) with assorted accessories and a small boat. Note that most part of the figures are totally grey which makes them quite unusual and pretty.Lego-71042-The-Silent-Mary-pirates

Have a look at the pictures and quick Continue reading

Lego 60138 – High Speed Chase

The High Speed Chase is a new City Police set that has recently hit stores. With around three hundred pieces it features, two vehicles (a red convertible and a high-speed police car, a police helicopter, and four mini-figures (three police officers and a thief) with assorted accessories that include stolen money and a barrier.

The set hasn’t anything particularly new but definitely has a huge potential in terms of playability. The heli on its hand looks sturdy, with some nice handling and all around there are plenty of nice details to enjoy!Lego-60138-High-Speed-Chase-city-police-5

The cockpit looks very Continue reading

Lego 30449 – The Milano Polybag

A picture with a new  Marvel Super Heroes, Guardian of the Galaxy Vol 2 Polybag has been discovered, showing a pretty nice miniature of the bigger brother 76081 (The Milano vs. The Abilisk).

With the same color scheme (blue and orange), the polybag features sixty four pieces and most part of the shapes of the original model. How to get it? In a first round, between April 24th and 28th it will be available with the presentation a voucher (number 5) in any purchase of fifty five Euros or more.The-Milano-Polybag-super-heroes-polybag

In a second Continue reading