Lego 10262 – James Bond Aston Martin DB5

After a few teasing images and lots of suspense hare we have the new James Bond Aston Martin DB5, a new Creator Expert with a thousand two hundred and ninety pieces, and an endless list of awesome details and tricky features to enjoy. And despite the straight lines, the car is absolutely beautiful.

Among the bunch of details, it is possible to find a working ejector seat, revolving number plates, radar tracker, hidden telephone, bulletproof shield, front wing machine guns and wheel mounted tyre scythes, as well as a detailed six cylinder engine, a radar tracker and a telephone in the secret door compartment.

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Lego Harry Potter Polybag discovered

A new Harry Potter – Wizard World polybag was discovered, and the result is a new bag called Harry’s Journey to Hogwarts (30407),with of thirty seven pieces that intends to recreate a small scene from the movie where Harry carries his luggage.

The polybag basically includes Harry and some accessories, including Hedwig the white owl, and at the first glance, it should interact pretty well with the new train set, the Hogwarts Express. There’s no word about prices but rumors mention the possibility of being available next month, just like the rest of the set list.

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Lego Ideas Voltron was finally announced

Lego has just unveiled the official pictures of the newest Lego Ideas set, Voltron – Defender of the Universe (21311) . And it’s not just another new set, it’s just the biggest Ideas project that has ever produced, measuring 40 cm high and featuring more than two thousand and three hundred pieces.

Voltron looks outstanding with lots of different colors, features and of course a huge size. The mech can also be transformed into five different lions (or vice-versa) and as an addition, there are also a big sword and a shield that can be attached to Voltron’s heads which looks absolutely great.

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Lego Harry Potter Collectable Mini-Figures Revealed

Lego has just revealed the new Wizarding World Harry Potter series of collectable mini-figures composed by twenty two characters from Harry Potter books and fantastic beats. And for the fans of this fantastic theme, there are definitely plenty of great figures to enjoy!

Albus Dumbledore, Dean Thomas, Dobby and Neville Longbottom are some of my favorite but I must say that overall, it’s a pretty nice collection. The Series should be shortly available (in the beginning of August) on retail with a price of 3,99 bucks each bag.

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Lego has revealed Rocket Raccoon and Groot BrickHeadz (41626)

Lego has just unveiled on Social Media a new Marvel Avengers – Infinity War BrickHeadz , a two pack set (41626) composed by Rocket Raccoon and Groot. Honestly, I don’t know very well these two guys but at the first glance the smaller Rocket  Raccoon looks definitely really nice.

Like most part of the two pack Brickheadz set that include a small figure it should have around hundred and fifty pieces and cost around the fifteen bucks. There’s no word about availability on markets but just like the others it should be available soon on shelves.

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