Lego 70656 – garmadon, Garmadon, GARMADON

Strange name for a set, strange creature but definitely a box with plenty of nice details and features to enjoy! The new garmadon, Garmadon, GARMADON was already known for a while but only now the official images have been surfing on web.

This new Lego Ninjago Movie is a big size set with more than eight hundred pieces that features the fearful shark submarine, a hotdog stand with accessories and food and six great mini-figures: Lloyd Garmadon, the Hotdog guy, Braces girl, Garmadon, Shark Army Thug and Hammer Head, all with assorted weapons (and hot dogs…).

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Lego 70609 – Manta Ray Bomber

Manta Ray bomber is a Ninjago Movie set that is available on stores since last August. With three hundred and forty pieces, it is basically the Flying Manta, a strange aircraft with the shapes of a Manta but with lots of interesting features and four nice mini-figures: Cole, Shen-Li, a Shark Army Great White and finally a Shark Army Gunner with assorted weapons.

The Aircraft definitely looks pretty funny. With a scary face and two wide fins (or wings if you prefer…), it’s impossible not to associate it to the big ocean creature. The cockpit is placed on top in a sort of yellow boat and inside besides the handlers, it has also space for a second guy and a big shotgun.

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Lego 41323 – Snow Resort Chalet

The Snow Resort Chalet is a Friends set that has been recently released. With a bit more than four hundred pieces, it features a nice and cozy snow Chalet with plenty of different colors and stuff to enjoy, especially on the inside, a snow mobile, a small rack with skis to rent, lots of additional accessories and two mini-dolls: Andrea and Amy.

If we just knock at the door, surely we can’t imagine all the space and features that it shows inside. The entrance as well as the building itself, it’s very simple, with a couple of steps at the front, the classic wood walls with a few flowers, a small lake at the corner and the sloping roof filed with snow. But once we get in, the fun begins.

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Lego 75176 – Resistance Transport Pod

The Resistance Transport Pod is a new star Wars Last Jedi set that has been recently released. It seems to be smaller than the piece count suggests, showing almost three hundred pieces which are enough for the space craft and for two mini-figures (Rose and Finn) and BB8 with several accessories.

Definitely it’s not the most exciting set of this wave but it surely has some nice details and a good dose of playability. With a fat structure and no kind of wings, this pod has however a big cockpit with a large yellow windshield where two figures can be easily transported.

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Boba Fett & Han Solo in Carbonite – The New BrickHeadz Exclusive NYCC Set

A new and exclusive Lego Brick-Headz set has been revealed by Lego. The Boba Fett & Han Solo in Carbonite (41498), based on Star Wars, will be distributed only in the next New York Comic Con 2017 event that will start next October 5th until 8th.

The new Brick Headz set will have three hundred and twenty nine pieces and will be sold with a price of forty dollars. I’m not an enthusiastic fan of this theme, but if you are and you’re nearby, all you have to do is to participate in the Pre show lottery and expect to be one of the lucky guys.

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