Lego Ideas – Boat Repair Shop

In a time when the news about 2017 sets haven’t been much, let’s have a quick look at this Ideas set, the Boat Repair Shop, an awesome seaside building with plenty of different colors that includes two boats and  four mini-figures ( a couple of carpenters, the captain and a fishing man), that has reached recently the 10.000 supporters.

Outside, the beauty and detail are simply outstanding, however at the first glance all the attention goes to the  ramp with a crane and rails that allow to pull the boats form the water or alternately to put them there again once the maintenance is over. All around, there are also plenty of nice details such as the several buoys, signs, pictures in the walls, lots of differents boards and of course the two big doors that allow to access the

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Lego Seasonal Snow Globe (40223)

After the awesome holiday train set that will be shortly available, here is another Seasonal Holiday set, the Snowglobe (40223). With the usual shapes of an ordinary snow globe and plenty of different colors, it features a small storage compartment in the base and a globe with Santa and a Christmas tree inside.

Unfortunately, this will be a limited edition set and will be available only at Shop@Home and Lego stores, as a gift for purchases of ninety nine dollars or more between November 25 and 28th, in the long Brick Black

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Lego 70905 – The Batmobile

The Batmobile is a new Batman Movie set that will shortly be available on stores. This medium size set has five hundred and eighty one pieces and shows a huge batmobile (or should I say batbuggy??) with lots of small details and five mini-figures with assorted accessories: Batman, the Kabuki Twins, Man-Bat and Robin.

Despite the lack of images, this vehicle seems clearly built up on a technic long structure with plenty of different pieces. The red wheels have extra large size and are placed right on the edges, giving the car a nice and racing buggy

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Lego Dimensions – New Expansions Packs Officially Announced

A few new Lego Dimension Packs have been announced by Warner Bros, joining the extensive list of available options for this game. The list includes a bigger Batman Movie story pack (71264) that includes two mini-figures (Robin and a Batgirl) as well as a rebuildable Bat wing that can be transformed into a black thunder.

In terms of fun packs, there are two official presentations, the Knight Rider fun pack (71286) that will include KITT and knight rider (The hair cut is rather similar….) and a Batman Movie Fun Pack (71344) with a Batman mini-figure and a rebuildable Bionic

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The Official Pictures of the new Ideas Caterham Seven 620R (Lego 21307)

Official Images of the new Ideas set, the Caterham Seven 620R, have been unveiled, showing almost every single details of this fantastic car. The final color scheme was already known for a while as well as the piece count, seven hundred and seventy three pieces, but it’s always pleasant to see all these detailed images.

A long front, a removable hood, a nice and detailed engine and an awesome cockpit are some of the great features that can be found in this vehicle, but I’m sure that that we will soon ear some more from Lego about

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