Lego 21038 – Las Vegas

A new Architecture set, Las Vegas, has been revealed and will be composed by some iconic buildings namely the Stratosphere, the Tower Luxor Hotel, the Mandalay Bay Hotel, the Encore Hotel, the Fremont Street Experience and of course the Welcome to Las Vegas sign, in a total of four hundred and eighty seven pieces.

I’m not particularly familiarized with Vegas, but it surely looks pretty nice and the big tower looks real cool. The welcome sign with a bit of sand around gives also to the buildings a nice and realistic look. The set should be available on stores soon with a price around the forty dollars.

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Lego 60183 – Heavy Cargo Transport

The Heavy Cargo Transport is a new set that has just hit stores and definitely one of my favorites in the 2018 City wave.  It’s not very big, featuring two hundred and ninety six pieces but it surely has some great stuff to enjoy.

As you can see, the set presents a long truck with an articulated trailer (besides the attaching mechanism), quite unusual in Lorries, an Helicopter as the cargo and two mini-figures ( the driver and the heli’s pilot) with some assorted accessories that includes walkie-talkies, a toolbox and a small tank with fuel.

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Lego 60176 – Wild River Escape

Here is a new Police set that has no road vehicles. And it’s pretty interesting for sure! The new Mountain Police Set has a bit more than hundred pieces and features a Police speed boat, a red raft and two mini-figures (a robber and a police) with additional accessories that includes a big box with stolen jewels.

With a single brick for the hull, the blue speed boat is however built with plenty of small pieces which give it a pretty cool look. The cockpit has a large windshield and inside the police has the usual seat and some handlers to maneuver the boat. Just behind it, there’s a small black bar with two emergency lights as well as the two powerful engines.

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Lego 70923 – Bat Space Shuttle

It’s absolutely impossible not to like this set, even if you’re not a fan of Batman. The new Lego Batman set has been recently available on retail and has everything to spend some great hours of fun where the hero is obviously the shuttle.

The Bat Space Shuttle has six hundred and forty three pieces and features the Bat Space Shuttle with a triple booster, a bat moon buggy, a Kayak, a costume rail for the mini-figures and six characters: Batman, Dick Grayson, Catwoman, Reggae Man Batsuit, Space Batsuit and Firestarter Batsuit.

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Lego Ideas Ship in a Bottle (21313) officially revealed

The next Lego Ideas set, Ship in a Bottle, was finally unveiled and will be available on stores next month. The set will be slightly smaller than the original project with exactly nine hundred and sixty two pieces and will be definitely a must have for the Lego fans.

The playability isn’t much but the building experience and beauty are surely on high levels. The transparent bottle is nicely reproduced and well as the brown stand and inside, the ship has for sure some really nice details.

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